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This is our mission! We want to share this visual with you!
Working to lift and restore the lives of families, children and individuals, so they can achieve full and satisfying lives! Here is a testimonial video of a beautiful life that has been changed and restored this year!


Our Mission

Brokers Care Foundation works to lift and restore the lives of families, children and individuals, so they can achieve full and satisfying lives.

Our Story

Brokers Care Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2021. The creation of the Foundation was centered around its Founder’s extreme passion for the displaced youth and military veterans. Our focus is on assisting children, families and military veterans who are struggling to get back on their feet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Along with financial support these individuals will receive meaningful training and education necessary for skill development and regaining their self-esteem. Our objective as a foundation is to educate, encourage and empower people to be a better version of themselves regardless of being in the position of needing assistance. We strive to give a hand “up” to those who want to make a change, so they too can achieve the full and satisfying lives they deserve.


Our children are the future. We want to help them make it big and bright. We have many assistance programs to give our children the chance to grow, develop & be nurtured the way they deserve.


Sometimes family is all you have. Our foundation works together to help families in a critical time of need when they have no one else to turn to. Help us to give a hand-up and the assistance that is needed to move forward with their families’ during a difficult time.

Military Veterans

Helping to honor those who honored us and served for our country. Request information regarding our assistance programs for homeless military veterans.

Disaster Relief

Help us to help those who are affected by unforeseen circumstances & natural disasters. Knowing what to do or how to respond during those times are not always easy. Our Foundation wants to reassure those who have been directly affected by a natural disaster, there is help in sight.

Want to get involved with the Board or Foundation Committees?

For more information on how to join the Board, email:

Volunteer to join the Grant’s Committee: Steve Fisher;

Volunteer to join the Marketing Committee: Fidel Gonzalez;

Volunteer to join the Fundraising Committee: Karen Enslin;


During this year’s LOSummit 2022, Brokers Care hosted a 3-hour Casino Night event in efforts to raise money for a local charity that will help with families in need of housing. Brokers Care raised a total amount of $14,092.00. Thank you to all who participated and donated to such a great cause! We look forward to next year’s event!

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