Fidel’s passion is helping people and sharing in the American Gift. When the opportunity to participate as a board member of Brokers Care came up, he jumped on it. He’s currently head of the Marketing committee for Brokers Care.
As a first-generation Mexican immigrant, Fidel has dedicated the past 15 years to the mortgage industry. His passion lies in empowering individuals with financial knowledge to impact their lives positively.
Financial literacy opens doors to a better future. Guiding clients through mortgage origination and intelligent financial decisions is his mission. He is proud to call Florida home and serve the community.
Beyond work, his greatest joys are loving his wife and two wonderful sons. They inspire him to make a difference for families like his.
Fidel advocates for financial empowerment, engaging in community outreach and education. He is excited to contribute his expertise to the Brokers Care Foundation, which shares his commitment to lift and restore lives.
Let’s build a future where financial understanding is accessible, and everyone can thrive.