As a long-time advocate for Troubled Youth and our nation’s Veteran community Karen has had the opportunity to become a board member for Broker’s Care. NEXA Mortgage and their partners with Broker’s Care align with her passions for youth and Veteran assistance.
As a New York native Karen had worked with at-risk youth for several years. This work gave her the opportunity to not only counsel but to make our communities aware. Over the course of several years these children became extended members of her family. A rewarding personal goal for Karen was to learn their story and help develop a future they may have just thought was out of reach.
As the mother of a Veteran she served as a Key Volunteer for the 152nd Airlift Wing, Security Forces unit where she acted as a liaison to our military members serving in war zones and their families. This included close connections with the Salvation Army and joint forces in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. She can tell you there is nothing more comforting than to hear your family member is safe and reachable while serving in these zones.
She has developed a passion to be the voice of those who feel they have none.